Invite your friends, show them how to shrink their waistline in 45 minutes, have a blast and get a FREE Ultimate Body Wrap for yourself.


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How to Host a Wrap Party!

  • Designate a private area for wrapping and measuring
  • Supply water for your guests *NO FOOD or ALCOHOL
  • We measure your guests trouble areas prior to application
  • We supply the Ultimate Body Applicators and  we apply to your guest’s tummies, arms or chin.
  • After your guests are wrapped we will explain the benefits of the wrap, how often they can wrap, what to expect and how to get more, we also go over a few of our other products
  • After 45 minutes we un-wrap and re measure to reveal their results. This is when the party really starts, you become a true believer and everyone starts texting their friends.

Does it Work?

Yes!  Seeing is believing. Our wraps act as a detox breaking down the toxins and fat cells in the area it is applied. Drink water to help rid the body of toxins. Healthier, firmer, tighter smoother area. Reduce inflammation which reveals a reduction in cellulite and stretch marks.

Host your own Wrap Party and get a Free Wrap by emailing me at and I will find a distributor in your area.